Today was so surprisingly wonderful. And also a huge head fuck. I’ve gotta quit doing things out of spite and making spontaneous decisions.

Also. I’ve gotten all of your messages, but it’s too hard to reply and keep up via mobile. I’ll reply when I’m on a computer.

I need this dress
I’m never on Tumblr anymore.

Guess it’s just me and my hand tonight.

candyliquor02 said: I know guys probably come at you all of the time but what would I have to do to get to know you. If it is ok with you my Queen

Give me flowers and lots of money.

Or just strike up a conversation with me.

The choice is yours.

Anonymous said: Do you and your ex still talk?

I get asked this question more than any other question. Why?

We talk occasionally.

Me and somethingnaughty-iguess
Wore my hair up today.
crve said: Can we have a skype session together? Smoke, talk and maybe masturbate together?